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This was so great to find!  femiknitter who is a librarian in Chicago was an IPL patron who grew up in Independence, KS!  Thanks for the congratulations!  Next time you come home to visit stop by for a grand tour!  



Best Small Library in America 2012: The Independence Public Library, KS - Library Journal

“The library was dying!” says Julie Hildebrand, recalling her feelings when she was promoted to the directorship of the Independence Public Library (IPL), KS, in 2009. “I knew we didn’t have enough money to keep our doors open. We had to make some drastic cuts and hard decisions, and we kept the library open. We did it with support from the city commission and our own Friends of the Library. We really worked hard to build relationships within the community and with local legislators as well.”

After just two years, IPL, which was founded in 1882, has been reborn. It has won awards, garnered grants and increased tax millage, and built programs and services that are “packing ’em in” to 220 Maple Street from all over Independence. So dramatic was the transformation that IPL, whose service district has a population of 13,420, is the winner of the 2012 Best Small Library in America Award, cosponsored by LJ and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

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WHOA! I thought this building looked familiar!

Remember when I said that I loved Carnegie Library Buildings? Well part of that started as a youngster in the Library Journal 2012 SMALL LIBRARY OF THE YEAR in my hometown, Independence KS. This place was where I learned to love reading; I rode my bike there almost everyday in the summers.

You should read all about it. Congratulations IPL! 

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